A Future Fete!


Little known fact:  I work best under pressure, so imagine my heart rate when I got a call that tasked me to pull off a surprise birthday dinner for one of the world's most popular entertainers in about 72 hours.  Never mind that the "client" has impeccable style, discerning taste and lives a decadent life, more importantly - he's family!  And of course, family can often be hardest to please.  Anyway, more ready than not - I accepted the charge and "A Future Fete" was underway!


Before I even disconnected the request call, I got Eliana, from ellyB Events, on the line and talked through the mission at hand.  Then, together with Freebandz femme fatales Tia and MeLisa, the swanky Regent Cocktail Club at American Cut Buckhead was chosen as the locale and champagne was put on ice, because undoubtedly, the night had to sparkle.


Take a sip of the drip here!  Happy Birthday Future! 

Photos by Christopher Jamar Payne and Charlton Inije