Casually Cool


A Friday Afternoon Style Instructional

Thank God it’s Friday! There’s no better feeling than being at the finish line of a rollercoaster ride of a week, at least in my world. Just imagine, after conceptualizing and executing a lifestyle photo shoot for the Atlanta airport (high) and talking through think pieces about Kanye West (low), a massage, a new find and a bottomless “something” are all in order. 


The Look

Diet Coke Sweatshirt | H&M
(I’m from Atlanta and on a diet. You are what you wear.) 

Adidas Tiro 17 Training Pants | Adidas
(I liken these to comfortable skinny jeans. Plus, everyone loves to see a man in these!)

Ankle Strap Mid-Top Sneakers | Alexander McQueen
(These are just special and demand you to stand tall, any day of the week. They also make enough of a statement for anything worn above them to look fabulous).


To reflect the intentional relaxation I planned to carry through the weekend, I headed for Friday errands in a look that had elements that could satisfy my social obligations and my pleasure principle equally.