Forever I Love Atlanta!

Whether I’m on safari in South Africa, deep sea diving in Bora Bora or hiking in Los Angeles, one of the most reoccurring questions I get is “Where are you from?” I always laugh before answering, “ATLANTA”, because I swear that I represent my birthplace to the core. What does that look like, you ask? Let’s see:


I’m (kind of) a quintessential Southern gentleman, I have a drawl that pops in on me when I’m speaking for more than ten minutes, I know what’s up with the Bankhead Bounce because that’s where I grew up and my family includes Westside legends, my grandfather is Baptist royalty and my home church (on Gresham Rd.) bears his name and I can call a bevy of Atlanta-bred celebrities both “family” and friends”. Hey, Future, Kandi, Monica, Dallas, Rasheedah...anyway, I digress.


Today, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport announced their 2018 Global Runway program, for which I am returning as an Ambassador for the second year. With that will also come the reveal of a special campaign that I shot with the world’s busiest airport. To celebrate, I’ve joined forces with The Fashion Hustle to release a capsule collection of tees that speak to the culture that has shaped me and the scenes that shape my life.

With that, I present the “So Atlanta” tee for everyone that’s from Atlanta or just loves the spirited city, in general, as much as I do! The design of this summer staple is clean and the intent packs power just like the city.