Let the Music Play: Happy New You!

Happy New Year, Scene Stealers!  By now, you're probably done responding to sappy, yet excited, group texts and are well into your 2019 plan of action, but that doesn't mean I can't still jump in with an additional greeting that I hope you'll make a part of your intentional good vibes this year.

I often talk about how music is my main source of motivation and inspiration, and suggest that people invest in gathering and experiencing music that helps navigate their mental space in the most organic way.  Whether I'm traveling the world, creating moments or exploring my inner - music is always there, ready and willing to aid in whatever's at bay.

With that, I'm proud to introduce my first of a series of playlist's under the #soundbysatchel imprint.  Disclaimer:  I have a personal connection to every song that I'll ever send your way, so keep in mind that I'm sensitive about my sh*t. I chose what I chose!  No seriously,  I'd love to talk about them and how I put certain selections together if you ever want to drop me a line.  

So, let's get this 2019 party started with "Happy New You" a playlist of nineteen songs plus one to grown on,  for everything from singing in the shower to dancing in the streets.  It's a sonic moment to reflect, recharge, remember and rejoice.  Tracklisting below.  Turn it up and get into it!  Cheers!