F.A.M.E. Us Overnight: W Atlanta Buckhead


Here’s a moment of honesty:  I hate sleeping alone. So much so that when the W Atlanta Buckhead invited me to host their Living Room Live engagement and offered me the Extreme Wow Suite for the evening, I decided to call a few friends and make it even more of a party.  Besides, I grew up under the mantra that it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.  Anyway, I digress.


Excited to indulge in the aftermath of the $20 million renovation that chic oasis underwent earlier this summer, I called a motley crew of fabulous personalities in Fashion, Art, Music and Entertainment, including Fashionista and Hair Designer Nataki Minix, Journalist and Culturalist Janee Bolden and Actress and Entertainer Brie, among others, to share in the moment.  Also in tow was Lifestyle Photographer Christopher Jamar Payne.  


Note:  I fast-forwarded on the play-by-play details from the after party at the rooftop dancerie, Whiskey Blue, and I won’t admit that our bedtime stories included endless tapas from Cook Hall that my trainer has yet to know I ate, though I will say that the charcuterie, wings, truffle fries, chocolates and champagne were delectable.  Anyway, all of those things are for another post, or is it a “what happens at the W, stays at the W” kinda vibe. I haven’t decided yet, but in the meantime, devour the imagery below and relive the evening’s performances by Y’anna Crawley and friends, all wrapped in perfectly designed decadence via the hotel.  

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W Atlanta Buckhead: @watlbuckhead | Nataki Minix: @startakilife | Janee Bolden: @janeebolden |

Brie:  @brietunes | Christopher Jamar Payne: @christopherjamarpayne | Video: @medialiftedfilms