Head Game: Rebecca Hair Outlet at Bronner Bros.


It goes without saying that if you live in Atlanta, and dabble in the beauty industry in any capacity, you’re more than familiar with the annual Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show.  I mean, even Ludacris raps about it inWelcome to Atlanta!  A family owned business since 1947, the empire gives insatiable beauty enthusiasts three days of pomp and circumstance twice and year, and for this year’s mid-summer show, I joined the Rebecca Hair Outlet as the curator for their show floor experience. 


The Holy Grail of China’s hair and weave industry made its Bronner debut with styles for colored girls in mind.  From pastels and bold hues on long tresses and short coifs, Rebecca’s booth and the activation it flaunted stole the show, and that hard to do in a room full of beauty magic.  I guess when a scene is set, it’s always the main attraction.

Photos by Christopher Jamar Payne below!